Gwen (cruzh) wrote in prisonbreaklims,

Round 04: Sign-Up's

New moderator, new beginning!
Time to sign-up for round 04.

Please read the rules to find out what the code word is :) and then comment to this post.
Before you sign up, you have to join and I will accept you. & you might want to friend this community to be sure you're not missing something!

Every member automatically gets one skip to skip one round.
And everyone who pimps the comm will get a second skip.
You should give me the link where you pimped this community, so I can add the second skip to your username. You can pimp as often as you like, but you will have only 2 skips anyway.

If you were not able to post your icon, I will automatically use your skip, so you won't be eliminated. The next time you'll fail you'll get disqualified, unless you've gotten a second skip of course.

01. tigerlylli *
02. imaginary_lives
03. already_used
04. lillianporter
05. gnesa86
06. lasamy **
07. frookypooky
08. good_memories **
09. brihoggy *
10. river_sunshine
11. macaron_crisp
12. pierhias
13. staci_x2
14. dana_cz
15. 1000_secrettes
16. ellie_fo_20 *
17. loving_w *
18. revyrie
19. lauraj203
20. jethros_mom
21. jeter021992
22. happy_dappy88
23. lumiana
24. brdwaybebe *
25. breaded_fish *
26. purpleseahorse
27. naff_apples
28. nalazhar *
29. imaginazyon *

* = number of skips left
Tags: - participants list, round 04: sign-up
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